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Training & Seminars


Knowledge transfer on the subjects of foodstuffs hygiene and food law.

Experts from Tentamus respond to the specific needs of your business and provide practice-oriented training and seminars to the subjects of your desire – in your office or in our seminar rooms.

Our instructors are academically trained in a food-specific field (e.g. food technologists, ecotrophologists, engineers for hygiene and nutrition technology) and typically possess many years of professional experience. This enables us to impart extensive hands-on knowledge in the field of food hygiene and food law as well as a lot of related areas in the form of seminars and trainings.

We carry out trainings and seminars in the following fields:

  • General and basic food hygiene
  • Basics of microbiology
  • Personnel hygiene and company hygiene (production, equipment and building hygiene)
  • Company specific self-control systems
  • Instructions in accordance with Paragraph 43 Sentence 4 of the Law on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases
  • Trainings in the procedure of sampling
  • HACCP training
  • Training of internal auditors
  • System training, e.g. for beef labelling, Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), Quality & Security (Qualität & Sicherheit, QS), Organic/Eco Regulation etc.
  • Sensory Training

Tentamus Academy


The Tentamus Academy was created to bundle the increasing number of topics in the group of Tentamus. Tentamus has also provided consulting services, internal audits, training and seminars from the individual consulting organizations and laboratories.

The aim is now to provide our customers with a compact and practice-oriented way of combining our knowledge. No matter whether it is about topics such as food fraud, quality and food safety systems such as IFS Food/BRC, cause analyses or internal auditor courses according to DIN EN ISO 19011, we are happy to pass on our knowledge and experience to you.Our trainers/consultants and auditors have many years of experience and a broad spectrum of knowledge. In addition, some of them have been officially certified trainers and auditors at IFS or BRC for many years.

Get in touch with Beate Heidorn-Thoß for further information: beate.heidorn@tentamus.com

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