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TentaStart – Start-up Consultancy
for a successful market entry


The Tentamus program for start-ups!

You have a great business idea, are in the start-up phase of your own cosmetics company or are already the founder of your own food start-up and are now dealing with the right steps to safely market your products? Great – then TentaStart is the right place for you!

Even as a small manufacturer you want to be able to offer a safe product. Whether chocolate, smoothies, hemp products, medical devices, cosmetics or dietary supplements, especially for start-ups and small manufacturers, we offer investigation packages and start-up advice that will make your products marketable.

TentaStart supports you in bringing your products safely to market and offers founders an individual initial consultation in which the experts provide practical and comprehensive information about the “must haves” and all challenges.

A look at the concept and packaging allows us to immediately assess what needs to be considered and what measures need to be taken.


Are you ready to start?

For a Safe & Professional Start

We support you in all challenges!


Correct Labelling of Your Food Products


Start-ups face many questions when founding a company: How do products have to be labeled? What information is mandatory and what does not belong on the label? Our trained team will answer all your questions about the labeling of food products, dietary supplements, medical and hemp products or cosmetics.

Analysis of your products in the laboratory


To ensure that your products are safe and harmless for consumers, they must be analyzed in the laboratory. You don’t know which analyses you need? No problem – we do!

The laboratories in our Tentamus network are all specialists in their fields and will analyze your products using state-of-the-art equipment.

Hygiene Consulting & Audits


From farm to fork – We support you around the hygiene of your products and carry out audits in the production facilities and companies.

Basic Consultation


You would like to bring your product safely to market, but don’t know exactly how?

No matter if cosmetic, hemp, food or medical products:
We support you!

Arrange a free initial consultation with our experts via video conference and learn in a personal conversation what is important for your product.


What our customers say:


TentaStart for Food Start-Ups
& Dietary Supplements

In cooperation with bilacon, we help start-ups with products from the food and nutritional supplements industries to bring them successfully and safely to market.

Here you can use the free initial consultation to find out about the “must haves” for your food start-up and get rid of all your questions once. We offer you support in every industry, no matter in which phase you are: Whether you are still in the idea-finding phase or already have a finished food product.

We help you to create an analysis plan for the examination of the marketability of your food and support you with the correct labeling on the packaging of your products.

In addition, we help you through the jungle of nutritional analyses, shelf life controls and all other relevant analyses for your product. We support you in all areas of the food industry: from product consulting and laboratory analyses to on-site audits.

With us, you will receive a complete package to master your entry into the food industry with confidence. So that you do not fail due to expensive recalls, can grow quickly and build your brand.

We are always at your side. A discount of 10% is available on top of all discountable analyses!

Get in touch with Nicole:

Nicole Schröer
+49 30 206 038 133


TentaStart for Cosmetics
& Care Products

In cooperation with the BAV Institute, we support cosmetics start-ups in bringing their cosmetics to market: Quickly, safely and cost-effectively. Our experts have extensive know-how on all types of cosmetics, whether conventional or natural.

We perform all relevant laboratory tests for cosmetics for you: Microbiological tests, preservation load tests, product-specific suitability tests, analysis of ingredients and for preservatives and environmental tests. With us, you receive the complete package of analyses and consulting from a single source and are thus well prepared for the market.

And to complete the total package, we are always available to advise your start-up. Of course, we also help you with other topics, such as hygiene management in the company and audits in the production facilities and warehouses.

Your start-up will receive a 10% discount on all analysis prices during the first year of cooperation. An individual initial consultation on requirements and obligations for the first marketing of your cosmetics is of course included!

Get in touch with:

Dr. Bernhard Fellenberg
+49 781 969 47 194


TentaStart for Hemp Products


The use of products of the hemp plant “cannabis” from useful hemp (poor in cannabinoids) is gaining popularity. For example, hemp seeds, hemp protein powder, hemp oils, CBD oils, cannabis oil or other hemp products can be found on the market.

The marketing of hemp products brings some challenges, because hemp contains the psychoactive substance tetrahydrocannabinol (THC or Δ9-THC). Commercial hemp contains only a very small amount of the psychoactive cannabinoid THC (less than 0.2%). To avoid endangering the health of consumers, the levels of THC in products containing hemp must be monitored regularly. And this is where our QSI laboratory comes in to help you with the special challenges of hemp products.

Our experts from Tentamus partner QSI advise start-ups on everything from product development, declaration and advertising, to quality assurance measures for products already on the market. This way you can place your products safely and legally on the market.

Founders of start-ups with hemp products receive a complete package for their products from us: All necessary analyses, advice around labeling and approvals, as well as support in hygiene issues and audits.

Also for hemp products you will receive a 10% discount on all prices of the analyses in the first year of cooperation!

Get in touch with Annika:

Annika Wessels
+49 421 596 607 32


TentaStart for Medical Devices


In cooperation with TentaConsult, we support start-ups in correctly classifying their medical devices and preparing the declaration of their conformity. We know the high complexity of the MDR* and have extraordinary experience with the application of the relevant harmonized standards.

We will work with you to develop the best strategy for certification.

After performing the laboratory tests with an individual test strategy, we provide support in preparing the necessary documentation for approval..

For this, you will receive a 10% discount on all prices of consulting and services during the first year of cooperation. An individual initial consultation on the principles of conformity assessment and the first placing on the market is of course included for you!

*MDR = Medical Device Regulation (applicable from 26.05.2021)

Get in touch with Anja:

Anja Heinrich
+49 251 928 715 62

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