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GMP Webinar Series 2021 – Tentamus North America

Contaminants, Impurities & Residues in Pharmaceutical Products (Tobias Wiezorek)
Nova Biologicals Full-Range Analytical Testing and Services – Complex Problems/Simple Solutions (Paul Pearce, PhD)
FDA Food Labeling Part 101 (Manuela Rosenberger)
Special Projects at Analytical Food Lab (Bill Centrella)
Understanding FDA Compliance for Cosmetics​ (Peter VanCouvering)

Tentamus Pharma & Med Webinar Series 2020

Introduction to the World of Bioanalytics (Ayelet Nudelman, PhD)
Bioanalytical Considerations in the Design of Pre-Clinical & Clinical Trials (Ayelet Nudelman, PhD)
Challenges in Cannabinoid Formulation Analysis (Amit Becker)
Medical Cannabis: Specifications, Monographs, „Critical“ Parameters for Analytics, Regulatory Aspects from Narcotic Point of View (Dr. Johannes Junemann)
In-Use-Stability for Herbal Medicines (Petra Heller)
Chromatographic method development for herbal drugs (Steve Ross)
OOS of Herbal medicinal products (Katherina Rüger)
Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids (PAs) in Herbals (Arne Dübecke)
Nitrosamines in API & Finished Products (Martin Linkogel)
Qualification & Trouble- Shooting in a Quality Control Lab for HPLC, HPLC-MS and GC (Lars Henning)
FcG Receptor Testing - A Short Introduction to the Why & How of Fc Receptor Binding Analysis (Markus Roucka)
Understanding SPR (Biacore) Binding Kinetics and Affinity - What are ka, kd & KD, and How to Interpret Them? (Simon Gaderer)
Design of Experiments for Process Optimization (Rainer Fedra)
Analytical Method Portfolio of Therapeutic Antibodies – Testing Abilities for Fab & Fc Part as well as Functional Assays based on their Mode of Action (Markus Roucka)
Microbiological Aspects for Non-Sterile Pharmaceutical Products (Bernhard Fellenberg)
Microbial & Bacteriophage Contamination Testing in Live Biotherapeutic Products (LBP) and Microbial Cell Banks (Rafal Napierala / Linda Schmitt)
Monocyte Activation Test – Determination of Material Dependent Pyrogenicity (Larissa Nkenmei- Pietsch)
Evaluation of Biological Safety: Interaction with Blood “Hemocompatibility: ISO 10993-4 (Dr. Wolfgang Rudy)
Biocompatibility Testing of Medical Devices according to ISO 10993 – View from a Testing Laboratory & a Consultancy (Ralf Sibbing / Dr. Dominik Herzog)

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