The new Appearance
Tentamus – Labs for Life

On March 23, 2017, the new online presence of the Tentamus Group went online. Not only was the website re-launched, but the corporate design was strategically redesigned as well. Herein, the strategic decision to optimize the existing Logo was key. Tentamus Group mandated the Berlin-based agency Digital Esoterics for the development of the new corporate design and website.

With the new “Labs for Life” claim, the Tentamus Group is positioning itself in a target-oriented manner, bridging the gap between technical-scientific laboratory services and the lifestyle of consumers and industrial customers alike.

The Tentamus Group focuses its corporate communication on the entirety of its laboratory services, strengthening the existing integrated-network and further expanding its industry know-how and expertise. Nonetheless, the individual laboratories maintain their ability to work under their existing brands, allowing them to utilize their brand-recognition towards their customers, while profiting from the global-network behind them.

Thus, the individual appearance of the labs within the Tentamus Group will remain. In the coming weeks, the implementation of the corporate design throughout the Group will be pushed forward, integrating the existing websites into the new Tentamus platform.