Tentamus Greater China servicing the chain of Custody

Entered in 2016, Tentamus Greater China seeks to service its mostly retail clients with the upmost quality services. The Shanghai laboratory started operating in early 2017 after it received the local authorizations. Tentamus’ approach to serve its customer along the chain of custody and to provide the best quality care for its customers, was the basis for setting up the presence in China. The Chinese market is mainly served in its function as sourcing market for the European and US food industry. Furthermore, Chinese and foreign retailers are supported to keep their quality and safety requirement in the Chinese market.

Working together with selected Joint-Venture partners, Tentamus Greater China extended its physical presence to the Hefei and Changsha regions in 2016. The broadened geographical footprint allows the Tentamus group to serve its customer across the country.

Servicing the major sourcing market of both Europe and the American food retail industry, Shanghai has been chosen as the headquarter due to its strategically preferably location. Building up the Lab instead of buying an existing presence allowed Tentamus to ensure the quality standards are kept in line with the philosophy of the Group. Starting with analytical and microbiological testing, the lab is equipped with state of the art technology to provide optimal handling of the clients samples.