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Our legacy:

For hundreds of years, the safety of consumer goods and its production processes have been the utmost importance to our society. Although, we can forego everyday convenience products, we cannot do without our food and vital medications.

Therefore, it is these areas that require special attention and servicing. After numerous years of experience in this industry sector, the two co-founders of the Tentamus Group set out to concentrate on exactly those products – those that we cannot do without in our daily lives. Capable of influencing us for better or worse, these products represent the most intimate contact to our daily lives; namely agriculture, food, pharmaceuticals and medical products.

Today, Tentamus offers a global network of highly specialized laboratories, all of which are equipped to ensure the quality and safety of the tested goods. To maintain this, Tentamus is active in product- and industry-specific knowledge centres, unifying the skills and know-how from each industry, which thereby enables us to provide our clients with the customer-oriented services through our global network.

As a technology leader in the life sciences industry, Tentamus dedicates itself to the continuous advancement and renewal of its analytic methods and devices. Tentamus’ dedication to progress allows us to bring our clients the highest degree of quality and safety and thus, contribute towards the centuries-old need for safe food and medical products.

ISO 9001

The IT department of Tentamus Analytics GmbH was ISO 9001 certified by the Berlin-based certification body GutCert in October 2020.

〉Please find the accreditation certificate here.

Our Vision

Our ambition is no less than to become the most acclaimed company in the world for safety and quality assurance.

Our Mission

Tentamus aims to offer its clients on-site services with which they can verify the safety and quality of their products in the shortest time possible.

We will undertake the necessary efforts for that in various specialized laboratories in the life science sector. Each of our laboratories is a frontrunner in its field. To accommodate the increasingly complex demands of our customers, we have integrated our labs into a global network. In this way, we’re able to offer global solutions with local points of contact.

Our Values

Together, the breadth of our experience and the use of cutting-edge scientific methods and lab equipment allow us to do what we do best: Ensuring the quality and safety of our clients’ products and services. We unite management and scientific-expertise.

Tentamus Group Management

Tel +49 30 20  60 38 – 230

Dr. Jochen P. Zoller

CEO, Founder

Dr. Jochen P. Zoller is the co-founder and managing partner of the Tentamus Group. Before Dr. Zoller decided to become independent with Tentamus, he was entrusted with the leadership and development of the London-based Food and Agri division of Intertek, a global leader in its fields of analysis, inspection and certification of products and systems. In addition, he worked as the countries’ Chairman of Intertek Germany, responsible for all the firm’s activities in the domestic market.

Prior to that, Dr. Jochen Zoller was CEO of Genetic ID AG, a company specializing in the analysis and certification of tracing genetically modified organisms.

Dr. Zoller began his career within the field as the founding manager of the TÜV (Technical Inspection Association) Vitacert GmbH in 2000.

Dr. Zoller earned his Ph.D. in the field of chemistry at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and further holds an MBA from the OUBS in Great Britain. He has also worked and studied at MIT in Cambridge, USA and at the Oxford University in Great Britain.

In addition to his experience in the field of foodstuff inspection and the development of new markets and business segments, Dr. Zoller has a solid scientific background in the field of chemistry, with a concentration in renewable resources. Dr. Zoller is author and co-author to articles in academic textbooks, as well as to publications in leading chemistry journals.

Tel +49 30 20  60 38 – 230

Abgar Barseyten

CEO, Founder

Abgar Barseyten is co-founder and managing partner of the Tentamus Group. Before Mr. Barseyten decided to go independent with Tentamus, he was part of the M&A team and responsible for the development of the Food and Agri division of Intertek. In addition, Mr. Barseyten was responsible for Intertek’s Global Renewable Energy Business Unit out of Houston, Texas in the USA.

Mr. Barseyten began his career in 2004 in Corporate Finance with T-Mobile International in London, having studied Finance in Nürtingen, Germany and in Suwon, South Korea. In 2013, he obtained his Executive MBA from Kellogg.

Mr. Barseyten has been part of shaping the life science safety industry for numerous years across the globe by connecting dots across the labs, insitutions and regulatory bodies.

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Tentamus is a trusted name within the life science industry. Thanks to our global presence, your career with Tentamus can be one of professional and personal development. We offer our employees the chance to work abroad and in various areas of operation, we offer access to an international portfolio of clients and present diverse cultures and point of views.

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